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Monday, January 6, 2014

Having trouble figuring out what stabilizer to use for your project?
... we can help!

Stabilizers at a glance!

Cut-away stabilizers
Used for: Permanent support
Best used on: Knits, loosely woven
Comes in: Light to heavy weights
Removal: Not removed, except for cutting away excess

Tear-away stabilizers
Used for: Temporary support
Best used on: Firmly woven, natural-fiber fabrics
Comes in: Light to heavy weights; fusible and non-fusible
Removal: Torn away, but not always completely removable, depending on brand and stitch pattern

Heat-away stabilizers
Used for: Temporary support
Best used on: Non-washable, delicate fabrics and for off-the-edge stitching techniques
Comes in: Woven sheets, plastic film
Removal: Completely removable with iron and caution

Wash-away stabilizers
Used for: Temporary support
Best used on: Delicate, mesh-like, and difficult-to-mark fabrics; also for cutwork and embroidered appliqu├ęs
Comes in: Plastic film, paper sheets, brush-on or sprayable liquid
Removal: Completely removable with water

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Have you heard the LATEST from Bernina?

Do you have an Android phone? Bernina has an app for that! It was recently released that the 'My Bernina' app is ready for download on the Google Play Store. For those of you that have an iPhone, you have access to the app, as well!
The app is currently free in the Google Play Store for a limited time!
Go check it out!
*The app has many features that include the following:
- Browse feet and accessories listing (by foot number)
- Search by foot and/or accessory name, number or technique
- Record BERNINA machines owned into the app (beginning with models 180 and newer)
- Pair accessories with machines
- Mark accessories as 'owned'
- A 'What's New' page for the latest information on new feet and accessories
AND right on time for Christmas and the holidays...
- Create a wish list of desired accessories!
*All information obtained from Bernina

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Bus Tour

We had an exciting day yesterday , we had a bus full of 50 women stop into our store! It was crazy but a lot of fun. We took days to get ready and had everything in order and the shop never looked so good. They hit us hard but we enjoyed their business and they were all so friendly. We had a full staff with some of our own customers. We had our very own, Sherry, who does our long-arm quilting join us and local pattern designer, Karen DuMont.We also had some of our great customers Marylin and Elane. We had lots of fun and hope to do it again soon !
Keep Sewing
Sabrina and Savannah

Monday, September 23, 2013


Hi Ladies!
     I know I haven't posted in awhile been busy, busy, busy here! We got brand-new sewing tables! They're amazing! They're from Kola and you will have to come and check them out! We have been moving stuff like always. We got new quilts hung up to look at for inspiration ! We've been waiting for the Bernina SHOP AND SHOP to come in so we can get everything back in order and where we like it! If you haven't got a chance to come in yet, please do so !
Keep Sewing
Sabrina and Savannah

Thursday, September 5, 2013


I have waited and waited and they finally arrived! Riley Blake Mustaches are here!!! They are as amazing as I thought they would be !!! In other news things have calmed down a lot since the sale ended Monday, but we have Karen DuMont class tomorrow. And YES it is full but if we have enough people she will do it again! So if your interested please call and let us know !

Friday, August 30, 2013


Yesterday started our labor day blowout sale ! And if i do say so myself it went pretty well!! So dont miss out on the great deals we have going on !! If you didnt get the email the clearance fabric is 3.99 !! And if your part of green club you get to double dip! And there are alot of other things on sale too!! We are open Sunday 1 -5 and Monday 8am- 2pm! So we look forward to seeing you !!
Keep Sewing

Saturday, August 24, 2013


If you haven't been in lately we have been moving things around trying to get ready for the new bernina displays to come and yes it has been alot of work! We just seem to have way too much fabric. And yes i know what your thinking we can never have too much fabric! But it seems that every time we get it all put away more comes in ! It seem to be never ending but you know what that means... You have to come shop shop shop !! We have more Christmas fabric.. Yes CHRISTMAS FABRIC!!!! It about that time... don't think you have plenty of time cause it will be here before you know it. We have " charlies brown Christmas " and " Hot Chocolate". The hot chocolate line comes with an apron panel that we are kitting up as we speak !!  We also have some really cute advent calenders and there going fast ! ****SPOILER ALERT!There may or may not be a sale coming up but if i were you i would be watching my email ..... JUST SAYING !!
Keep Sewing
Sabrina and Savannah